Awning Repairs & Maintenance

Awning Repairs and Maintenance in Pittsfield & Springfield, MA

Awning Repairs and Maintenance in Pittsfield & Springfield, MA

Awnings can last a very long time if property cared for and maintained. With some maintenance, it is not uncommon to see seasonal awning fabrics last 15-20 years in the Northeast. We recover all brands and types awnings, or we can perform fabric repairs. We sew everything on site.


We recommend that awning fabrics be cleaned every 5 years in order to remove dust and debris that has woven itself into the fabric fibers. When we clean an awning we use chemicals that are specifically designed for use on awning fabrics. After the awning has been cleaned, we also retreat the fabric to ensure that it maintains it's waterproof and UV resistant characteristics.


Depending on the type of awning, and the details of the installation, many awning owners choose to remove their retractable awnings, patio awning fabric, or window awnings. We can remove your awning in the Fall, store it in our facility over the winter, and reinstall the awning in the Spring. We guarantee prompt service when you want it.

We provide these awning cleaning, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients.