Retractable Structures Gallery

Freestanding Awnings, Retractable Roofs, Retractable Shelters

Retractable roofs, screens and freestanding awnings are shade products that allow you to add comfort to your outdoor space like never before! All of these retractable structures are customized to be ANY width, projection, and length. We will design and install your custom shade structure to solve your sun problem! Click here to learn more about the Shade Structures that we can install for you...

SunPlus Retractable Roof System From Sunesta

Retractable roof systems are fully customizable so you are protected by sun and rain with the push of a button. The SunPlus will not only block sun, but also has a built in gutter system to keep rain off your patio. The captured edge of the SunPlus also makes the SunPlus perfect for windy areas! When winter comes, just hit the button and your awning is put away, allowing the sun to naturally heat your home in cooler months!

SunCover Retractable Solar Screens From Sunesta

Retractable solar screens can shade large windows and skylights, or use them to create a retractable screen room to keep the bugs out. If you want to add shade to a pergola or existing decorative structure, the SunCover can be mounted in a variety of ways.

ShadeSpot Freestanding Shade Structure From Sunesta

Freestanding ShadeSpot awnings allow you to add large amounts of shade to outdoor spaces, when most awning and shade products can't. If you want to add shade to your pool area, shade athletic fields, or provide a shaded area at your music venue, the ShadeSpot will accomplish just that!