Modular Decking & Ramps

Modular Deck Systems - We can put it Anywhere!

Modular Deck Systems - We can put it Anywhere!

SetDeck is a modular decking system that can go places where many decks cannot. Mobile decking systems can easily be installed on top of concrete pads, used as rooftop decking, or installed around a pool without interfering with the existing landscape. SetDeck modular decking does not requires footings, which means that it can be moved seasonally at waterfront or vacation properties, or used as the flooring for a custom screen room.

SetDeck modular decking can be customized to be any size, and standing up to 3' high, there are endless possibilities. The simple nature of the SetDeck system allows for quick installations which saves money compared to installing a conventional deck. By utilizing a welded aluminum frame and composite decking, SetDeck won't rot, splinter, warp, or get eaten by bugs. Best of all; because SetDeck is virtually maintenance free, all you have to do is enjoy it...

Set Deck doesn't require footings so it can be placed on top of any surface, or integrated into existing landscapes.

SetDeck modular decking is perfect for waterfront homes because it does not require a permit and is easy to move.

Modular Ramps - ADA Compliant - Rentals Available!

Modular Ramps - ADA Compliant - Rentals Available!

Our ADA access ramps are rugged durable, and affordable. These ramps and railings can be setup to accommodate your needs and your site in a fraction of the time of other ramp products. Freedom Ramp Systems do not require footings and do not attach to the structure, which can often eliminate permitting issues.

If you are in need of a short term ramp rental while recovering for injury or illness, we provide ramp rentals to accommodate your needs in difficult times. If you require one of our ADA compliant ramps for a longer period of time, be assured that our ramps will retain resale value thanks to their quality craftsmanship. Our modular ramps can easily be configured and installed for handicap accessible business entrances, at the fraction of the cost of a conventional ramp.

We carry all types of ADA compliant ramps to meet your needs.

Our modular ramps do not require footings, allowing for easy installation and removal.

We offer ramp rentals to help you cover from short term injury or illness.